Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens is the title of FoA's first live streamed tabletop roleplaying show. Follow us on Twitch at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) on Monday's starting on Monday the 15th of June or catch up with Video on Demand via Youtube every Wednesday after the show. As well as the main show we'll providing plenty of other features and content related to Fires of Athelen and the Twitch Campaign.

So settle down every Monday evening and watch as our Lead Developer and creator of Fires of Athelen leads a party of friends and battle harden FoA testers through the dark and gritty world of Athelen.

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Follow Musa, Thavar, Mortum, Kada and Eric as by happenstance or a twist of fate has seen them thrown together. From the humblest of beginnings our adventurers find themselves swept up by the tides of fate. Wherein the fates of those they hold dearest could be altered by even the most innocuous of decisions.



Will they stand as beacons of righteousness and justice or seek to carve out their own legacy and dominion in the world? Will they rise to become heroes? Or will just settle down and live the quiet life on a farm somewhere?  

The Cast